Carpet cleaning

Maid in San Francisco offers the Host Professional Dry carpet cleaning system:
1. It deep cleans and removes soil and spots.
2. It lifts and revives matted carpet pile.
3. It leaves a fresh scent.
4. It Reduces allergens.
5. It leaves carpets dry and ready to use.
How HOST Works In Your Home
HOST dry extraction carpet cleaner is a safe, natural product that is environmentally friendly. It works by absorbing the dirt from your carpet, using the Hosts sponge like dry cleaning powder. The dry cleaning powder is first applied to your carpet and then worked into your carpet using the Host carpet cleaning machine, which with its brushing action, reaches deep into your carpet pile and lifts the carpet fibers, brushes in the Host powder allowing it to absorbs and remove dirt. HOST carpet cleaning powder is a soft, natural product, moistened with a small amount of water and safe cleaning ingredients. The chemical action of the powder, when combined with the mechanical action of the Host machine, breaks the oil bond and pulls the dirt away from the carpet fibers. It is formulated to dissolve both types of dirt and then to absorb it. Once loosened, the dirt is then ready to be removed. The dry cleaning powder, which has already absorbed the dirt, is ready to be vacuumed up, thus removing both the Host powder and the dirt that the powder has absorbed from the carpet. Because HOST uses very little moisture, once we have finished vacuuming up the dry cleaning powder, your carpet is not only clean, it’s dry…and it’s ready to be walked on. It’s done.
• There is no sticky detergent residue left behind.
• Spots will not reappear.
• There will be no damage from mildew, split seams or shrinkage.
• Carpets are dry and ready for immediate use.
• Host will have improved air quality

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