Move-in and Move-out House Cleaning


Move-in or move-out cleanings for houses and apartments can vary a lot. We can make the job as perfect (but only as perfect) as you want it to be. You decide the level you want us to achieve. We will walk through the site with you and help you decide what needs to be done. Separate estimates can be given for items like windows, carpet cleaning, floor waxing, etc. You will know in advance what you’re paying for.
We normally use three or four professional cleaners for a move-in / move-out house cleaning and provide all of the supplies and equipment. Usually the estimate determines the final price, but sometimes a range is given where the estimate depends on uncertain circumstances.
Below are some of the points that we can consider during our walk through in home estimate.
• Vacuum with upright and canister vacuums (including edges, both hardwood and tiled floors, sofas, chairs and carpeting)
• Wash all tiled and hardwood floors.
• Dust and wipe down baseboards and door moldings–if you hire us, we’ll maintain these during our regular house cleanings, so they are always clean.
• Dust furniture, window sills, ledges, woodwork, ceiling fans and wall hangings.
• Vacuum or dust window blinds.
• We’ll be sure to get the doorknobs and light switches.
• Clean entry-way windows & doors, including windows on doors.
• We can clean the carpet
• We can wax the hardwood floors
• Make beds and change sheets if requested.
• Scrub the entire bathroom including fixtures, counter tops, wall tiles, and floors.
• Clean kitchen, including sinks, appliance exteriors, counter tops and cabinets both inside and out. Also wee will clean table and chair legs as needed.
• Clean inside refrigerator and microwave.
• Empty / load dishwasher and wash pots, if any.
• Mop, and or, hand wash kitchen and bathroom floors .
• Empty trash and wash the insides of trash containers.
• Sweep front and rear porches (weather permitting).
• Wash windows inside and out.
• Remove wall spots.
• Wash walls.
Many other tasks, such as sweeping the garage and basement can be incorporated into the job and considered in your price quote. Again, we offer a personalized service and we want to do what you want, and to do it your way. Call us at 415-221-5069 or fill out the Email request form below, to arrange for an on-site estimate.