Maid in San Francisco is residential house cleaning service specialize in repetitive, regularly scheduled weekly, biweekly and monthly house cleanings. We also do one time move-in and move-outs, as well as one time and initial first time cleanings for those considering regularly scheduled maintenance service.

The purpose of the initial first time cleaning is to establish the base line, the standard that future regularly scheduled work is to maintain. It would be impossible to consider regularly scheduled service with out having established that base line. Initial first time and spring cleanings may take as long as two, three or four times as much work as would be required of a normal maintenance cleaning. The additional time is usually related to taking care of the build-up of “old dirt” and doing specific one time tasks such as window washing, carpet cleaning or waxing your hard wood floors and other specific tasks that you want done.

Regularly scheduled house cleaning can be set-up to suit your schedule. Because we are not a franchise, we are free to clean your home the way you want it done…we can tailor our work to your specification. We’ll clean your home the way you want it… We’ll do it your way.
Move-in and move out cleaning are tailored to your exact specifications. During our initial walk through with you, we will set up a list of the specific tasks that you want complete. From this list we will prepare an estimate of the costs involved. Your home will look  the way you want it to look, when you move in…our move out.

As a part of our service, we bring our own equipment and supplies. You actually get to stop having to buy all that stuff that takes up space under the sink. We use only professional tools, equipment, materials and cleaning supplies that are effective, efficient, safe and environment-friendly. It’s just a part of our services.

Call us at 415-221-5069, or fill out the Email request form below, to arrange for an estimate.