Customer Testimonials:
Amy /San Francisco
The first time I used Maid in San Francisco, they did a really great job. The they were efficient, unobtrusive, friendly and thorough. Thy made my place immaculate. They brought their own supplies, they did the windows inside and out, cleaned the carpet and got up all of the dirt, grime and dust that I had been accumulating over the years. My bathroom was immaculate. The bath tub shined. They had done more work than any another house cleaning service had ever done for me in the past. Everything was spotless. Some areas of our house had not been cleaned since we moved in two years ago. They were incredible. They even cleaned the hand mirrors in the bathroom. They did both sides. This is what a cleaning service is supposed to do.
I’ve now been using Maid in San Francisco several years and the quality of the work has remained the same, excellent. It’s always been the same three neat and professional women who come to do the cleaning. I am so grateful for their consistent attention to detail and the willingness to always do just a little extra something.  They actually remember my preferences, without my having to leave them any written reminders. I am really very pleased their work and I highly recommend them.


David W / San Francisco
I have used Maid in San Francisco on and off and I’m very pleased. It is the same people every time and they remember what I like cleaned and how I want it done. They make cleaning look easy. They are very fast, friendly and reasonably priced. Getting an appointment is also easy.

David P / San Francisco
I have used this cleaning service since 1988 — the name is relatively new but the cleaning service and its management have been continuous since before that time. I have always been very satisfied with their thorough, punctual service, and with their willingness to do extra tasks where needed (Ron, the proprietor, even set spikes over my front door to deter pigeons). The continuity of the staff is also a plus. They work quickly and efficiently. Just today they cleaned up some pretty grungy cooking vessels I had left in my microwave and forgotten all about. I have complete confidence in the honesty of the people entering my house, and trust them with the secrets of my hidden key. I’m sure anyone using Maid in San Francisco will be as satisfied as I have been for more than 25 years.

Cheryl Ann R / Daly City
11/ 23/13
To be perfectly honest… I’ve always been skeptical of housecleaning services. But my Mom was moving out of her house and she needed the extra help, so we began looking for a housecleaning service, saw the Google ad for Maid in San Francisco. So, we gave them a call. We could not have been more pleased. Ron came out to give us an in-house estimate and get our input as to exactly what our housecleaning requirements were. The booking was really quick and easy- we were provided with a several options, and we chose what worked best for us. The process was clear, fast and painless…so we set up an appointment to have our move out housecleaning done. When the house cleaners showed up, they were right on time and got to work. They had all of there own cleaning supplies including a stepladder to get into the hard to reach areas. These folks were ready to do some serious housecleaning. I was very impressed with that.
The house not only was visibly cleaner, but also felt fresh, and had clearly been scrubbed thoroughly in all the important areas and not just wiped down. My Mom and I were very pleased with the move out housecleaning that Maid in San Francisco did for us.

Martin D / San Francisco
Maid in San Francisco did an amazing job. After years of my personal neglect, this maid service made my place immaculate. They were efficient, unobtrusive, friendly and completely thorough. They brought their own supplies, cleaned the windows, inside and out, cleaned the carpet and got up all of the grease, dirt, grime and dust that I had accumulated….my kitchen sparkled….the bath tub shined. I will absolutely be using them again. As housecleaning services go, I would rate Maid in San Francisco as the very best. I would recommend Maid in San Francisco to anyone in need of a cleaning service.
France C / San Francisco
I’ve been using Maid in San Francisco for nearly three years now and I’m really pleased with the service. The service is great and the staff is friendly.
If your considering a house cleaning service you need to check them out. I highly recommend them.
Roberta F / San Francisco
We’ve been using Maid in Maid in San Francisco on a weekly basis for the past six or seven months and we are totally impressed with the quality of the housecleaning service and the attention to detail. The maids have revitalized our home and gotten it back into shape. It’s really nice to come home from work and not have to worry about house work, or, our lack there of. The maids at Maid in San Francisco do fabulous work.
Diana K / San Francisco
I’ve never sought the help from professional housecleaners before, however after much deliberation, I decided to try Maid in San Francisco. I was not disappointed. They arrived promptly at the scheduled time and were very considerate, even asking if they could turn on the vacuum when I was on the phone. My overall impression was that they are incredibly thorough. The tiny smudge on the cabinet door and the light fixture that I never cleaned because I could not quite reach? Cleaned. The crappy crumbs stuck in the bottom of the toaster? Cleaned. I am actually amazed at all of the items they cleaned in a two-hour period that I either would never have thought to clean, or, ever had the time to clean…and they cleaned it.
They even put stuff back in better and prettier arrangement than how I had them before. Man, I feel inadequate! And I thought I was good. Maybe not so much. They did everything possible to give me the deepest clean possible. It was great to see that my home had been cleaned by such skilled maids. These folks are terrific cleaners.
I will definitely have Maid in San Francisco back on a consistent basis.
Brad and Karen/ San Francisco
Just had these guys in to to clean my house! What an awesome house cleaning job! Maid in San Francisco is the most thorough house cleaning crew I have ever encountered. Every knick knack, every nook and cranny are spotless! Behind, under, every crumb on my counter top, removed. The cleaning crew was thoughtful, friendly, fast, and efficient; I barely knew they were there. They cleaned it all! I even received compliments on how sparkling my house is! I would highly recommend Maid in San Francisco to everyone – A top notch housecleaning service!!!
Emily and John H. / San Francisco
I finally decided to get some professional cleaning done to my apartment, because my mom was coming to visiting. I like to think I’m a pretty clean person, and I try my best to keep my place clean, but there are some areas of my apartment that I just sort of forget about and try not to pay attention to-like under the bed.
I called contacted Maid in San Francisco set up an appointment for an initial estimate for the first time cleaning. I met with the estimator, Ron, and we did a walk through of my apartment and discussed the details of what it was that I expected. I can be very anal. Any way, to make a long story short, I set up an appointment to have my place cleaned the very next day, Wednesday. On Wednesday, the crew of three absolutely delightful maids arrived. I was impressed by how thoughtful and professional they appeared. I felt comfortable enough with them that I decided it leave my house to run some errands, and when I got back home, an hour and a half later, they were finished…. I did a really thorough check of my apartment And WOW! These folks really know how to clean.
• They vacuumed my under and behind all of my furniture.
• They dusted and clean my baseboards, door moldings, window sills and wall hangings.
• They cleaned the window blinds, doorknobs and light switches
• They cleaned the entry-way windows & doors. They also got those nasty cobwebs.
• They cleaned up the wall spots in the hallway
• They made my beds and changed the sheets
• They cleaned the entire bathroom including the nasty soap scum on the shower room tiles
• They cleaned the entire kitchen, including sinks, appliances (inside and out), counter tops and cabinets both inside and out.
• They cleaned inside refrigerator and microwave, inside and out.
• They emptied the trash and cleaned the inside and relined the containers
• They hand washed kitchen and bathroom floors
Maid in San Francisco did an amazing job of cleaning. I highly recommend this maid service.
Erica M / San Francisco
A very friendly staff, highly responsive, and willing to accommodate my special requests. After going through several cleaning companies, this is by far the best. I had them do my move-out apartment cleaning last week and they did a great job; looks like I’m getting my whole security and cleaning deposit back.. The owner even remarked that the best condition that he had seen a place when it was moved out of. The place was well cleaned and well worth the money. You really do get what you pay for!

Cathy G / San Fran
All in all, I think it’s 100% worth the time, and worth the money if you, like me, are busy, and have high standards of cleanliness. I’ll probably use this housecleaning services again.

Roxanna. W/ San Francisco
To be perfectly honest… I’ve always been skeptical of maid services. But my aunt was moving out of her house and she needed some extra help, so we called Maid in San Francisco.
I could not have been more pleased. When the crew of three maids showed up they were not only pleasant, but they got right to work and within three hours they were able not only remove years of grime, but also managed to get all of the little things, ie. the moldings, sills, light fixture and insides of cabinets. The house was not just visibly cleaner, it looked so much brighter and smelled so fresh…yet not all chemically. I made sure to go through my whole house and thoroughly look at all the places that needed attention…they got it all. We will certainly call Maid in San Francisco, the next time we need a major cleaning.
Barbra K. / San Francisco
Maid in San Francisco’s maid service has surpassed my expectations and I only regret not having used this service sooner. The house cleaners take their job seriously when it comes to being thorough and professional, courteous, prompt and, they are affordable. They are first rate. I can trust them to do the work as well as I would have done and maybe even better. I have always been a strong believer in doing things myself in order to have them done right. I am very particular. I have very high standards especially when it comes to cleanliness. However, there are not enough hours in a week for me to get everything done on my own. Doing a deep cleaning my home had been put on the back burner for a long time. Far too long.
Maid in San Francisco has made all the difference in the world to me. I definitely will schedule regular service with them as it is worth every single penny.

Martin J. / San Francisco
I was in need of a move out housecleaning. I have had no experience in dealing with a cleaning services before. So, I did some Google research and called several companies and liked what I read about Maid in San Francisco, so I contacted them.
From start to finish I’d characterize their operation as extremely professional and thorough even to the point of sending someone out in advance to give me an estimate of the time and costs involved so that there would be no surprises. On the day of the cleaning they were not only on time, they were actually 15 minutes early. They did a great job & were right on target for the budgeted amount of time on the job and absolutely delivered a quality cleaning. I regret not utilizing the service while I lived at the unit given the makeover they gave that place. Thank you to the entire team at Maid in San Francisco. You have earned my loyalty! I shall happily recommend you to anyone who wants detailed, trustworthy, honest and friendly house cleaning service.