Regularly Scheduled House Cleaning

   Maid in San Francisco is a residential  house cleaning service, specializing in regularly scheduled services that are rendered on either a weekly, biweekly or monthly basis.

  We can custom tailor your house cleaning to your exact specification. We will clean your home the way you want it cleaned.  We inspect and clean all baseboards, moldings, window sills and wall hangings.  Our rule of thumb is to inspect everything and do the things that need to be done. The items listed below are only a part of our normal cleaning process.

  • We vacuum with upright and canister  vacuums and include sofas and chairs.
  • We will hand wash your kitchen and bath room floors.
  • We will vacuum and wash all tiled and hardwood floors.
  • Inspect and clean all baseboards, moldings, sills, wall hangings, woodwork and check for cob webs.
  • We’ll also keep all your light switches and door knobs spotless.
  • Dust furniture and vacuum or wipe down your blinds as needed
  • We will make beds and change sheets as per your request.
  • Your bathroom will be thoroughly done, including the fixtures, counter tops, the shower, shower tiles and tub.
  • We will pay special attention to soap buildup and take great care of your stone and granite tiles.
  •  In the kitchen, the sinks, appliance exteriors and counter tops will be thoroughly cleaned.
  •  Also the table, chair legs and cabinet doors and will cleaned as needed.
  • The inside of the refrigerator and microwave will always be inspected and cleaned as needed.
  • We will empty and load the dishwasher and put away cleaned dishes.
  • We will empty trash and wash the insides and reline the trash containers.
  • We can wash your entry-way windows and doors.

As time permits, many other tasks can be incorporated into your regularly scheduled cleanings for no additional charge, or added upon request for an extra fee. We can tailor our price in accordance to your exact requirements. Feel free to tell us exactly what it is you want. We really try to personalize our service. We are not a franchise, so we can do the job the way that you want it done. If there is something special that needs doing, just ask.  Our staff is experienced and very knowledgeable.

Call us at 415-221-5069, or fill out the Email request form below, to arrange for an on-site meeting.

We look forward to serving you.